STX Range

Explosionproof multi-turn STX actuators are certified for use in explosive atmosphere according to main international standards, adaptable to the specifications of engineering companies and have been designed to offer increased security and reliability to your installation.

Product specifications

Torque Range

  • 25 to 2,200 Nm (direct)
  • Up to 20,000 Nm on request

Compliance with international Explosionproof standards: ATEX, INMETRO, IEC-Ex, EAC-Ex, NEC500...

Type of Controls:

  • Electromechanical SWITCH
  • Integrated INTELLI+®(v2)

BC Duty & Modulating Classification:

  • On-Off: Class A+
  • Inching / Positioning: Class B+
  • Modulating: Class III

Environment: IP 68 / C3 up to C5-M / T: -20°C ...+70°C (option low T: -60°C)

Special configurations: Corrosion protection, Fire proofing, Extreme temperatures

Product benefits

  • Wide range of speeds / up to 190 rpm according to the model
  • Wide range of number of turns: from a few to 1000 or more
  • Asynchronous motor with high starting torque & S4 Service duty
  • Gears are self-locking at all speed
  • Precise torque measurement and limitation
    > Easy setting with a simple screwdriver
    > Between 40 and 100% of maximum torque value
    > Frictionless system for high precision and repeatability
  • Innovative emergency handwheel system:
    > Non-rotative handwheel with electric motor priority
    > Exclusive handwheel differential system without declutchlever
  • INTELLI+® integrated control available: advanced control solution for your critical applications
  • Double sealing
  • Partial stroke test (PST) included
  • Programmable timer
  • Separated control box & LCS available
  • Wide range of fieldbus available
  • SIL certification as an option