High transmission efficiency & self locking capacity

Electric actuators generally use a worm drive because of its advantages of high drive ratio and self-locking. 

Worm drive and high transmission efficiency planetary

To reduce the motor's power consumption, BC actuators combine worm drive and high transmission efficiency planetary.

And for ST & STX ranges, our long expertise allow us to develop high efficiency worm drive that enable us to have high torque with less powerful motor. This performance was made possible thanks to research on materials, lubrication and the addition of self-locking device (to maintain torque on the valve) coupling with high performance design that allow us to reach high efficiency.

Moreover for all actuators of these ranges, the mechanical architecture is made with a direct mechanical transmission (without worm drive) from hand wheel to the output in order to keep a high efficiency mechanical transmission from hand wheel to output which allow a little number of drive wheel turn. Furthermore, this direct mechanical transmission is equipped by a self-locking device, a differential allowing to use electrical control or manual without any operation. And position measurement precision is guarantee by a sensor directly link to the output shaft.

The mechanical design of BC actuators is made to optimize motor and hand wheel transmission, and to be self-locking at all speeds.

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