Shared values that express our expertise and commitment

In 2010, the name BERNARD CONTROLS was adopted to embody our identity as a control system expert. In 2014, the “Always by your side” promise was added to express an unfailing commitment to customers like you across the globe. This alludes to the constant updates being made to our technologies, offers, markets and organization and affirms the values that guide us. 

Invest in control(s)

Designing and manufacturing electric actuator involves meeting numerous human, financial, security and productivity challenges. You need to have comprehensive vision of industrial processes and the capacity to manage them effectively. From an electrical mechanic, we have evolved into an expert capable of managing evermore complex control systems. This shift has opened numerous international markets, while reinforcing the direction of our long-term strategy. 

“Since its beginnings over 80 years ago, Bernard Controls has earned its leading position in electric actuator technology step by step. This success is primarily due to our Group’s commitments to productivity, innovation, quality and safety. We have respected these commitments without compromise in an increasingly demanding industrial environment. [...] There can be no compromise between high technology and high customer satisfaction. That is the philosophy behind our mission statement: Always by your side.”

Etienne Bernard, BERNARD CONTROLS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Invest in relationships

From the very first day, at BERNARD CONTROLS, we have been fueled by a simple ambition: always be by your side. In recent years, this desire has helped strengthen our presence in international markets. Over time, a positive reputation has been forged and enhanced through the trusting relationships developed with clients, teams and partners. 

"To build the optimum business relationship with our client base we must maintain a flexible working schedule with open communication in order to empower benefits and results for both parties. We must always remember that employees are our biggest asset and if we can engender a spirit of doing something you take delight in; this will drive success for all."

Tony Stark, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President IMEA

Invest in expertise

Our recognized expertise and know-how is what makes BERNARD CONTROLS different. We are the sum of the men and women who go above and beyond their job descriptions, every day. This expertise needs to meet the technical challenges of all kind of applications for our products, which have been approved by key contractors and industrial players worldwide.

“At BERNARD CONTROLS, expertise and commitment are two values that are shared every day within our teams. These intangible assets are difficult to measure, but fundamental in ensuring the long-term growth of our Group.” 

Christophe Laï, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President Finance

Invest in loyalty

For the last 80 years, BERNARD CONTROLS products have reflected the relationships carefully woven with customers, the close links developed with partners and the attachment team members feel for our values. Cultivated from the beginning, this loyalty, perseverance and desire to constantly evolve are echoed in the turnover generated each year. 

“We have always successfully remained aligned with our development priorities, guaranteeing customers service continuity and long-term investment to our mutual benefit.” 

Hervé Leroy, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President Europe

Invest in innovation

Innovation is omnipresent at BERNARD CONTROLS. With an organization designed to stimulate development and creativity, we are able to design and build extremely high-tech products. By constantly enhancing our skills and processes, we are able to optimize the quality of your products and services. After all, innovation is only worthwhile when it is shared.

“For ‘glocalisation to work’, the key is adapting to the local context.” 

Jean-Yves Pinvidic, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President Americas

Invest in dedication

Ranked world leader in the nuclear sector, we operate to the same high standards across all markets. This role is constantly evolving to meet your growing expectations, which are the driving force behind all our products and services. At BERNARD CONTROLS, our vocation is not only to design electric actuators and customized solutions, but also to commit to this shared desire to achieve high standards.

“The combination of lasting products and motivated teams creates and nourishes customer satisfaction.” 

Guillaume Fauré, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President R&D

Invest in confidence

The company project is underpinned by fundamental values that drive us forwards. They reflect of the reality of an international technology group recognized for its know-how and expertise in the most challenging sectors. Ever loyal to our history and identity, we look serenely towards the future and exciting new horizons

“BERNARD CONTROLS is about diversity, different characters and forms of intelligence. It is the promise of a team orientated towards the future for its clients and partners. Our diversity and values enable each team and individual to fully commit, with confidence, to the new challenges ahead.” 

Guillaume Bernard, BERNARD CONTROLS Chief Operating Officer

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