Torque limiters

User-friendly & reliable torque limitation system

BERNARD CONTROLS design of torque limiters is using proven technology offering:

  • Full reliability
  • Ease of adjustment
  • High precision & repeatability

First of all, the torque is always measured on non-moving parts, thus avoiding risk of wear.

Indeed, in the case of gear systems with planetary gear drives, the torque is measured on the external crown by calibrated helical springs. The torque is no longer applied when the motor is stopped, thus releasing the mechanical parts. If the signal must be maintained, electrical or mechanical memorization is available as an option.

In the case of differential gears (ST & STX ranges), the torque is also measured by calibrated helical springs set on the hand wheel input of differential which is directly link to the shaft. This way allow a high precision torque measurement. Actually this architecture offers also the advantage of avoiding to measure torque on the worm drive which endure the oscillation due to worm and worm wheel transmission. And even if the motor is stopped, the torque is still maintained on the valve and the signal of torque limiter is memorized. Depending on the type of controls chosen, the torque limiter adjustment system can be adjusted locally or remotely.

Moreover, the memorized torque limiter function is always included in all our INTEGRATED controls (INTEGRAL+/POSIGAM+) and INTELLI+ controls, and remains in all cases a mechanical measure (that is to say not obtained from electrical data).

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