BERNARD CONTROLS new LOGIC (V.2) offers user-friendly interface with large LCD display, Bluethooth communication as standard and are working with the main fieldbus protocols !

Integrated controls adavantages

At the engineering stage

  • Money and time saver (turn-key solution)
  • Designed by an actuator specialist
  • Safety (integrated protections)
  • Compact design
  • Bus compatible

At the installation stage

  • Money and time saver (limited wiring works)
  • Makes life easier in case of multiple units installations: Standardised and well documented design

At the commissioning stage

  • Only a power supply wiring is necessary to perform the preliminary motorised valve tests on site
  • With the local control keypad, valve adjustments can be done by a single person at the valve location

Once in operation

  • With the keypad, local control is possible (for valve periodic checking i.e)
  • If some changes occur on the process most of the parameters can be changed via a simple switch / programming
  • The site maintenance department can hold only a couple of boards on stock even if hundred of actuators are installed (standard design)
  • Informations for the maintenance team

2 version available


Enhanced safety & reliability

  • Non-intrusive setting
  • Bluetooth communication is encrypted
  • Padlockable local controls
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD)


  • Large LCD display for user-friendly commissioning and local command
  • Easily orientable (4-way direction) in a few clicks

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