BC technologies

High transmission efficiency & self locking capacity

Electric actuators generally use a worm drive because of its advantages of high drive ratio and self-locking. 

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Travel limitation systems

BERNARD CONTROLS proposes a patented cam block system.

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Torque limiters

BERNARD CONTROLS design of torque limiters is using proven technology.

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Manual override

Depending on the markets and types of facilities, the features of emergency manual control, key functions of the actuator, can be very different.

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Motor duty cycle

The IEC 60034 standard defines the electric motors' standard duty cycles. According to this standard, S2 duty rating is short time duty: motors using this duty cycle adapt to constant load. 

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INTELLI+®, intelligent & intuitive control

Bernard Controls INTELLI+® is an integrated control solution which includes a control logic as well as power contactors.

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Absolute sensors

Thanks to absolute sensors, which constantly measure the position & torque of your valve, you can get precise and reliable information.

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In the process, some control valves need to be equipped with Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) in order to protect the pipeline and equipment from damage.

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Open fieldbus systems

The fieldbus present on a large number of installations is used more and more to communicate information and commands with multiple actuators and contactors connected in series on a single pair of wires.

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While functional safety is getting increasing importance in the design of industrial processes, the SIL assessment has now become a standard in this field to evaluate the level of security guaranteed on an industrial site.

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