Adaptation and innovation to meet all your needs

As the inventor of the compact quart-turn actuator in the 1970s, at BERNARD CONTROLS, we place innovation at heart of our values and development strategy. By drawing on years of technical expertise, we are able to develop solutions designed to meet your specific needs. This recognized know-how has set a virtuous circle in motion, where innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. 

Adapting: the best way to innovate

At BERNARD CONTROLS, we believe that innovation derives from the capacity to adapt to new situations in order to offer irreproachable service. It requires us to understand market needs, your technological and financial expectations and changes in regulations. Every day, our teams rise to these new challenges in a constantly changing environment. 

The ability to design technical products and services is derived from the innovation that permeates the Group at every level. Inspired by Design Thinking, we have equipped ourselves, and our customers, with the latest tried-and-tested methods. A dedicated “acceleration” room helps foster new ideas and solutions using a collaborative approach that places relationships at the heart of creativity. This enables us to enhance the depth and breadth of our skills and make processes more effective.  

A customer-centric approach

By listening to your needs, closely following markets and developing expertise, we can make each innovation meaningful. These innovations become the technologies, products, ranges, services and applications that play in a key role the digital transformation taking place around us. These precise, concrete solutions are designed to meet the challenges you face in your daily activities.

Today, as always, everything begins with the customer at BERNARD CONTROLS. We are committed to Strong Customer Support. This means always serving you better and more quickly to accompany you at every step in your project, including design and throughout the product life cycle. This innovation policy is underpinned by a powerful promise of quality and serenity. 

“Whether technological, practical or related to security, each innovation at BERNARD CONTROLS is meaningful to maximize the productivity of our customers. Behind our designs, labels, applications and standards, technical challenges are met and performances exceeded.” 

Guillaume Fauré, BERNARD CONTROLS Executive Vice-President R&D

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