Nuclear Qualified Actuator

With more than 50 years of continuous experience in the nuclear industry, Bernard Controls offers reliable solutions, from On-Off to Continuous Modulating duties, qualified per the latest safety standards (RCC-E, IEEE).

Solutions for the latest generation of reactors such as EPR, and for all other types of reactors: ACP1000, ACPR1000+, CPR1000, VVER…

Qualified actuators for inside containment (Nuc IC)

The SN range houses multi-turn electric actuators qualified for inside containment safety-related service (Nuc IC). Nuc IC Actuators are designed for operation during 40 years in ionizing environment and remaining operational in case of seismic accidents and LOCA - Loss Of Coolant Accident (referred as "K1" type in the RCC-E standard). The SN Range is available for On-Off and Modulating duties.

Qualified actuators for outside containment (Nuc OC)

BERNARD CONTROLS offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators complying with outside containment safety requirements (Nuc OC). These actuators are designed for operation in normal environment for 30 years and during seismic accidents (referred as "K3" type in the RCC-E standard), and are available for On-Off and Modulating duties and with electromechanical or integrated controls.

Last but not least, Bernard Controls also offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuation solutions for NC non safety requirements, for operation in normal environment for 30 years.

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