SQ Range

For quarter-turn valves, BERNARD CONTROLS' SQ weatherproof range features heavy duty mechanical design and increased reliability, security and user-friendliness for INTEGRATED & INTELLI+® control versions.

Product specifications

Torque Range

  • 45 to 10,000 Nm (up to 800 Nm direct mount)
  • Up to 1,000,000 Nm on request

Type of Controls:

  • Electromechanical SWITCH
  • Integrated INTEGRAL
  • Integrated INTELLI+®(v2)

BC Duty & Modulating Classification:

  • On-Off: Class A +
  • Inching / Positioning: Class B+
  • Modulating: Class III

Connector: Double-sealing with INTELLI+®

Environment: IP 68 / C3 up to C5-M

T: -20°C ...+70°C option low T° -40°C on all models and option high T° +90°C for SWITCH versions only

Product benefits

Industrial grade actuators

BERNARD CONTROLS has achieved an excellent reputation over the years in the Power, Water & Industry markets thanks to a range of actuators providing the following features:

  • Compact construction with a high output torque
  • Self-locking gear train to maintain the position of the valve when the actuator is de-energized
  • Very good resistance to vibrations
  • Very simple settings - no specific tool required
  • Adjustable mechanical travel limit stops to prevent overtravel Removable drive socket for easy machining
  • Emergency handwheel and mechanical position indicator provided on all actuators as a standard