Fieldbus solution

In order to communicate with our ranges of electric actuators, we offer a wide range of fieldbus solutions.

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To manage fieldbus communication, there exist two types of buses : “proprietary” or “open” system. Whereas the first one compels users to use compatible devices supplied by the same manufacturer, an “open” system allows customers to connect several types of actuators or sensors to their fieldbus, and consequently, to choose freely their equipment supplier.

BERNARD CONTROLS opts for the “open” system for all its fieldbus solutions, including our Master Station which works with an open protocol Profibus DPV1.

Available fieldbus solutions:

  • Profibus DP (single or redundant)
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • Modbus RTU
  • HART
  • Turnkey system based on Master Station architecture
  • Reliability. Protect and maximize the availability of your installation with our Master Station, which combines the efficiency of a Programmable Logic Controller with line & system redundancy.
  • Efficiency. No more than 3 seconds to scan up to 120 actuators. Keep the control of your installation at every moment.
  • Flexibility. BERNARD CONTROLS chooses the open protocol Profibus DPV1 for all its fieldbus solutions, including our Master Station, to allow customers to connect any type of device.

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