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MOV actuation: How much control do you need ?

Matching your investment costs with available technologies.

Control is a broad topic for process management, not only concerning the control valves of an installation. Indeed, there are also many On-Off valves on a plant. Control is directly linked to the general level of performance of all type of valves, including On-Off valves, and to the availability and performance of the whole process controlled from the DCS.

Quarter-turn actuators aboard the laboratory ship Yersin

During the Monaco Yacht Show this year, the Yersin research laboratory yacht was presented. This highly innovative 76.6m vessel, which is equipped with Bernard Controls electric actuators, is designed to operate safely and comfortably in ambient temperatures of between -20°C and +50°C, believed to be a first for a private yacht.

BERNARD CONTROLS equips oil storage depot in Douala

BERNARD CONTROLS has moved to an interactive web application named the GPS actuator

Zoedale Introduce EZ Logic from Bernard Controls

SIL approved actuators from Zoedale

BERNARD CONTROLS' new interactive guide

Bernard Controls equips Moscow gas supply station

Bernard Controls obtains Gazprom approval