Power Water industry, proven technology always by your side

Bernard Controls has always been a close partner of the “Power-Water-Industry” sector, bringing to each market all its innovations, requirements and successful technologies since the early years of the company. The expertise of Bernard Controls, inventor of the compact electric quarter-turn actuator, is appreciated by a lot of sectors and applications such as: thermal power plants, water distribution, waste water treatment, desalination, building automation, shipbuilding...


years of experience in electric actuation


Following the invention of the butterfly valve, BERNARD CONTROLS created the first compact quarter-turn electric actuator specifically designed for this new type of valve



  • FIRST BC – The essentials
  • BC PREMIUM – The complete solution
Valve World

Bernard Controls will exhibit at Valve World America next June, 19th and 20th. Come to visit us in Houston !

Solutions for all types of applications

BERNARD CONTROLS has developed 2 labels to bring 1 solution to all types of need, in line with the specific requirement of each application or sector. Our wide product portfolio is divided between the FIRST BC solutions for standards applications, moderate environment, and moderate operational constraints; and the BC PREMIUM solutions for critical applications, severe environment and demanding operational constraints.

POWER GENERATION - Thermal, Nuclear, Renewable

The Nuclear market has shaped our expertise, our commitment to quality and to the control of processes.

In the energy business, BERNARD CONTROLS has also been involved in Thermal energy for many years.

In thermal power plants, our actuators are installed for example in cooling towers or steam circuits.

References: ALABAMA POWER, ALSTOM, CPS Texas, EDF, ENEL, EUAS Turkey, MITSUBISHI, NPC Philippines, PPC Greece, PPG, .... We equip new plants such as in Baicheng - China. But we also work on revamping projects, for instance in Tunçbilek - Turkey. Finally, we can found our products in hydro power plants too, for instance in Merowe - Sudan.

WATER - Drinking Water, Waste Water, Irrigation, Desalination

Our actuators are used on many types of water and industrial fluid applications:

  • Drinking water plants (pumping stations, filtration...)
  • Distribution (distribution network insulation valves, water towers, irrigation systems...)
  • Desalination (by reverse osmosis, by distillation, associated power plant)
  • Waste water (urban waste water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, pumping stations)

References: Aquafin, Degremont Suez, Disneyland Paris, Saenge, SAGEP, SEDIF, Sidem, Thompson Engineering, Veolia, Veolia water systems (OTV) and the cities of Barcelona, Antwerp, Houston, Helsinki, Sao Paolo, Quebec...*.

INDUSTRY - Building Automation, Industries, Civil Engineering, Shipbuilding

The INDUSTRY gathers many different sectors which offer the most diverse applications for our products.

For instance, in the car industry, BERNARD CONTROLS actuators are used in painting areas. In cement plants or paper mills, in ventilation systems to modulate air flows. Our products are also used in steel plants or glassworks...


In Building Automation/HVAC, our products mainly equip heating and ventilation systems. Such applications require quarter turn actuators (e.g. our LEA/LEB or OA/AS ranges). Our actuators also equip safety systems in rail- and road-tunnels.

References: Toulouse, Budapest, Cairo & Chicago metropolitans, as well as the Channel tunnel between France and the United Kingdom.

In the Marine industry, BERNARD CONTROLS actuators equip boats, submarines or methane tankers.

References: Chantiers de l'Atlantique, CNIM, DAEWOO, the French Navy... Some examples are the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, SEATOURS cruise boats in Germany or the IMR Vessels Ross Candies & Grant Candies in the U.S.A...

Did you know?

BERNARD CONTROLS supplied 80 actuators for the building of a cube-type structure with three pools, 17 000 seats and a water temperature of 28°C. A 136 M€ project where 42 medals awarded to world-class athletes. This is the Beijing Olympic swimming-pool.

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