BERNARD CONTROLS renews its range of multi-turn actuators by offering a new design entirely revamp to closely fit market needs. This fully new concept has been designed as a modular platform with many options to offer you the perfect solution for easy and safe management of the most demanding applications.

Product specifications

Torque range:

  • 30 to 500 Nm (direct)
  • Up to 8,000 Nm on request

10 to 180 rpm (direct)

Type of Controls:

  • Electromechanical SWITCH
  • Integrated LOGIC - New Version (v2)
  • Integrated INTELLI+® (v3)

BC Duty & Modulating Classification:

  • On-Off: Class A+
  • Inching / Positioning : Class B+
  • Modulating : Class III+

Environment: IP 68 / C3 up to C5-M / T: -20°C ...+70°C

Option low T° -60°C/option high T° +90°C (high T° for SWITCH versions)

Product benefits


  • Fully new and unique design for Multi-turn actuation based on market requirements and BC design experience and methodology
  • Product architecture, torque range and speed range adapted to customers’ requirements
  • Heavy duty design: IP68 (10m/96h), Double-sealing protection, powder coating (up to C5-M), low and high temperature versions (down to -60°Cand up to +90°C as an option)
  • Innovative features: new camblock system, adjustable torque sensor, new interior modularity for compact design, modular position sensor up to
    1500 turns...


  • From 30Nm to 500Nm (direct)
  • Wide range of speed, from 10rpm to 180rpm
  • Wide stem acceptance with an easy to install and watertight stem cover
  • Self-locking at all speed without any additional feature*
  • High resolution modulating Class III+ (Duty Performance and Endurance Higher Level than Standard EN15714-2)


  • Easy commissioning: set up of travel limitation system with a standard screwdriver on SWITCH version, non-intrusive setting for LOGIC and INTELLI+® versions, quick connector option, configurable relays on electronic versions…
  • Large LCD display on LOGIC Version for user-friendly commissioning and local command. Easily orientable (4-way direction) with simple soft selection
  • Declutch-free manual override for quick intervention on site
  • Mechanical position indicator on SWITCH versions: check the position of your valve at a glance
  • Fieldbus available as an option, included all market standard protocols : Profibus (DPV1, Simple or Redundant), Modbus, Fondation Fieldbus, Hart…

INTELLI+® advanced control solution

  • User Friendly and Intuitive controls with LCD display that gives a clear status of the actuator and of the control system
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostic functions of INTELLI+® Integrated Control: Emergency Shut Down, Partial Stroke Test, timer, alarm customization, programmable signalling relays, operation monitoring...

*except BT25 and BT50 at 120rpm and 180rpm

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