With the combination of modern electrics and power of hydraulics, Bernard Controls new FSE range is specifically well adapted for ESD valves such as high-pressure ball-valve or triple-offset butterfly valves.

What is fail-safe ?

The activation of an emergency signal triggers the immediate opening, closing or freeze of the backup device, without the need of any external power source and using a full mechanical spring return.

Product specifications

Torque range:

  • From 25 to 700 000 Nm for rotary and from 1.2 to 8 000 kN force for linear actuator

Integrated Control


  • On-Off: Class A
  • Inching / Positioning
  • Modulating/Régulation: Class III

Environment: IP 67 / C5 / T: -20°C ...+60°C (+70°C as an option)

Explosion proof (ATEX, IEC Ex)

Product benefits

Security at all levels & easy maintenance

  • Protect your installation and maximize site protection, thanks to BERNARD CONTROLS actuators’ smart functions.
  • In case of power failure to the solenoid, the spring will drive the FSE and valve to the safety position. When the power supply is restored (no resetting of the spring is required), the actuator is immediately available for normal operation.
  • Partial stroking : check the availability of the connected MOVs by executing of a very short return travel, and get a warning if problems occurs.
  • Easy to install : the FSE is self contained, it only requires electrical power.
  • Reduced maintenance : actuators are lubricated for the product lifetime and do not require any periodic maintenance.
  • Extending life time of the valve : no
    "Hard Closing", slamming the Valve
    into the seat.

Unique design & enhanced performances

  • IP67, double-sealing protection, coating C5-M as standard
  • Adress all type of applications: wide torque range from 25Nm to 700 000Nm for rotary and from 1.2 up to 8 000 kN force for linear actuator.
  • Compact and optimized design : no need for air compressors, filtration, and dryer.
  • Easy control system: all components are integrated into the manifold.
  • Reduced risks of leakage thanks to considerably minimized circuitry.
  • Very precise hydraulic control

User-friendly & intuitive controls

  • Non intrusive settings thanks to the integrated control.
  • LCD display gives a clear status of the actuator and of the control system. Menu guided settings using clear messages, without abbreviations.
  • 2 LEDs (red/green, freely assigned) indicate the position (close/open) at ends of travel, and direction of running (blinking).
  • Local commands with two selectors, which can be inhibited remotely if needed.
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostic functions of the integrated control: Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Partial Stroke Test (PST), timer, alarm customization, operation monitoring…

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