BERNARD CONTROLS quarter-turn actuators aboard the laboratory ship Yersin

During the Monaco Yacht Show end of September 2015 was presented the Yersin research laboratory yacht, which is equipped with BERNARD CONTROLS electric actuators.

Indeed more than 80 weatherproof quarter-turn actuators figure on all circuits onboard (ballast, water, cooling). For the ballast system especially, products of the Failsafe spring-return FQ range have been selected.

For this critical process, the selection of an automatic return in security position (opened or closed valve, depending of the initial setting) in case of a power cut has been decisive.

On the other circuits, weatherproof quarter-turn actuators - OA/AS models (now gathered under the SQ range) have been selected to operate butterfly valves.

This travel ship, built by the PIRIOU chantiers in Concarneau (Brittany), and belonging to a Frenchman, will be a laboratory designed to navigate on all world's seas, included in polar area. This ship itself was named after Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943), doctor, bacteriologist and French-Swiss explorator, to whom we notably attributed the discovery of the bacillus responsible for the plague and subsequently the elaboration of the first worldwide serum aimed at healing this disease.

Electric Actuator Specialist for more than 75 years, BERNARD CONTROLS performs in the most various flow control processes. World leader in the Nuclear sector, with a strong presence in the oil and gas market, BERNARD CONTROLS has always been deeply involved in the water and industry sector. Shipbuilding has been a regular market for BC, who had notably supplied actuators for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.


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BC Premium - FQ Range

BC Premium - SQ Range

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