BERNARD CONTROLS strengthens its presence in Asia and opens two new subsidiaries

BERNARD CONTROLS, already established in China, continues its international growth in Asia with the setting up in June 2012 of two local subsidiaries: BERNARD CONTROLS SINGAPORE and BERNARD CONTROLS KOREA.

BERNARD CONTROLS has indeed recently acquired its historical partner A.C.E.(Actuation & Controls Engineering Asia Pte Ltd) located in Singapore, in order to create BERNARD CONTROLS SINGAPORE (BCSG). Focused on Central Asia and South Asia, A.C.E. has played a very important role to develop BERNARD CONTROLS brand in the region in the last years. BERNARD CONTROLS thus confirms its commitment to be as close as possible to its clients in order to offer reactivity and customized services.

The opening of BERNARD CONTROLS KOREA (BCK) follows the same direction. As a 50 million people developing country, the Republic of Korea shows an escalating progress in all industries with good products at very competitive prices. With a subsidiary there, BERNARD CONTROLS is thus able to offer responsiveness and high quality support to local key players.

The settlement of these two subsidiaries, BERNARD CONTROLS SINGAPORE and BERNARD CONTROLS KOREA, is an important step for the company's development in the Oil & Gas market. Leader in the nuclear market, BERNARD CONTROLS has developed a strong expertise in actuation solutions and can supply the best technical and most competitive solutions to the Oil & Gas industries.

Guillaume Bernard, as Executive VP Asia is nominated President of BCK and BCSG. Derrick Chen, co-founder of A.C.E., is now Managing Director of BCSG, and Jean-Jacques Petit, after six years in the company, is nominated General Manager of BCK.

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