BERNARD CONTROLS introduces 2 new labels: FIRST BC & BC PREMIUM

2 is better than 1


Simple, Sturdy, Economical

In order to fulfill the need of actuators that are both simple and sturdy, we have created the FIRST BC label.
This label guarantees quality and security to electric actuation solutions in the case of moderate environmental and operational constraints.
Moreover, the FIRST BC label offers actuator solutions with a Total Cost of Ownership -TCO - among the lowest in their category due to their ease of commissioning, their proven reliability and a design that does not require any periodic maintenance.
With its industrial, compact and sturdy design the Quarter-Turn EZ RANGE is the first BERNARD CONTROLS' range which meets all criteria set by the FIRST BC label.


Expertise & innovation

To fulfill the need for reliable, high performance and innovative actuators, we have defined the BC PREMIUM label.
The BC PREMIUM label is the guarantee of quality and security for installations' actuation in the case of demanding environmental and operational constraints.
In addition, the BC PREMIUM label offers a large user friendliness, a sturdy and proven design and a minimum level of maintenance requirements.
Our leadership on the nuclear market with more than 100 reactors installed worldwide and our continuous experience from the 70's have shaped our expertise and our control of processes.

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