BERNARD CONTROLS to supply a turnkey revamping solution for condensate terminal in Algeria

BERNARD CONTROLS has been selected to supply and set up a whole MOVs fieldbus control & command system on SONATRACH Condensate NZ1 Terminal in Arzew Algeria.

For this large revamping project, BERNARD CONTROLS supplies a whole packaged solution including not only electric actuators, but also a fieldbus system with synoptic panel & command board, as well as new measurement devices (pressure gauge etc...), computers and furniture. BERNARD CONTROLS explosion proof electric actuators will be mounted on all the 98 MOVs of this installation and will communicate with a redundant PLC through Profibus DPV1 Open protocol.

This project, which started back to March 2010, now enters its final stage: Products and materials have just been delivered on site. Assembly and start-up should now begin and be achieved by the end of August 2011. Once commissioning will be done, BERNARD CONTROLS' solution will manage condensate flows from metering at arrival on site to transfer, either for loading on terminal station or for storage in tank farm.

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