BERNARD CONTROLS focuses on added value for customers

When they started implementing the LEAN Manufacturing processes into their Gonesse factory (Paris - France) at the end of 2008, BERNARD CONTROLS chose to strongly commit to customer satisfaction. "Making the most out of the least" or maximizing customer value while minimizing waste - this is the cornerstone of the LEAN management. Thanks to key concepts and tools, each employee participates in product quality improvement on a day-to-day basis. As a result, after 2 years of implementation, BERNARD CONTROLS shows a much better flow management throughout the whole factory and has improved product leadtime while maintaining high product quality. One in many examples: separated zones - one per flow - have been identified and optimized thanks to visual management and the 5S method (Seiri - sort, Seiton - set in order, Seiso - shine, Seiketsu - standardize, Shitsuke - sustain).

Considering the success of this program, BERNARD CONTROLS has now launched the LEAN Manufacturing in its North of Paris factory - S.E.T.O. (Grandvilliers -Oise). This commitment to LEAN methods is not new at BERNARD CONTROLS: since its setting up in 2008, BERNARD CONTROLS' factory in China has been working successfully under this LEAN philosophy.

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