In 2017, BERNARD CONTROLS maintains its ISO 9001 certification!

20 years ago, BERNARD CONTROLS put in place a Quality Management System, conform to ISO 9001 certification. Following the annual audit process, which took place on the 13th & 14th of April 2017, the AFNOR organism maintained this certification and delivered a very positive feedback to BERNARD CONTROLS.They identified notably fifteen strong points in the list of criteria reported*. 

Among the latters, three of them could be mentioned, namely:

- An innovative sales methodology which offers personalised approach to customers,
- Development of the campaign ‘operational excellence’ targeting managers and leveraging how they embody Bernard Controls’ values in daily behaviours (expertise, relationships and innovation),
- Effective internal communication on company’s goal and orientation

2018 will be a key year for Bernard Controls’ Management Quality System with the renewal audit of ISO 9001 certification, which occurs every three years, and the implementation of the 2015’s version of ISO 9001 standard. Other quality aspects will be considered such as the determination of opportunities, threats, strengths of the company and risks linked to processes.

*Elements of the management system where BERNARD CONTROLS either overtook principal requirements of the audit, or where it distinguishes itself by implementing a satisfying/innovative habit, method or technical performance.

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