36 participants for BERNARD CONTROLS, divided into 6 teams crossed the finish line of the relay marathon EKIDEN this Sunday, November 4th in Paris. Each participant ran between 5 and 10 km during this race

Our teams competed against more than 1000 opposing teams in this race. Following, the results for our runners:

1. LES SERVORUNNERS: in 3h17’33’’ finishing 329th position, with a team composed of Arnold LS., Manuel M., Pierre-Marie B., Simon D., Charles-André A. and Victorien S.

2. LES PETITS AQ: in 3h21’44’’ finishing 397th position, with a team composed of Nicolas L., Arnaud Q, Emilie L., François B., Alexandre G. and Juliette P.

3. LES RUNNERS ANONYMES: in 3h28’50’’ finishing 524th position, with a team composed of Caroline G., Florent M., Bertrand LB., Thomas B., Bastien M. and Laura C.

4. LES SPEED CONTROLS: in 3h34’44’’ finishing 640th position, with a team composed of Mantia D., Sébastien G., Laetitia D., Yves-Marie S-M., Olivier J. and Pauline S.

5. TEAM O’BRIGADES 2.0: in 3h39’29’’ finishing 720th position, with a team composed of Irwin C., Ismaël B., Virginie F., Azzedine K., Rabah R. and Rudson V-P.

6. TEAM ROBINSONS: in 3h44’28’’ finishing 807th position, with a team composed of Adrian M., Laurent R., Mickael C., Jonathan G., Ridha K. and Marc H.

“LES SERVORUNNERS” finishing in 3h17’33’’, broke the best time of the company, 3h21, which was made during the 2016 edition.

BERNARD CONTROLS is proud to support its teams in this sporting challenge which is synonymous of exchange, sharing and team spirit for its employees!

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