Bernard Controls’ explosionproof actuators on KOC water treatment plant in Kuwait

February 2017, Bernard Controls Korea installed over 30 explosionproof electric actuators (SQX quarter-turn and STX multi-turn models) with INTELLI+® intelligent control on the Kuwait Oil Company’s new water treatment plant located 90 km North from Kuwait City. Mounted on KPC ball and plug valves, they will be instrumenting water flows.

In 2015, KOC decided to launch a new water center project involving a water treatment plant and pipelines to supply water to nearby oil production facilities. This project aims at providing enough water so that oil facilities would operate smoothly in the next few years. KOC requested actuators able to operate in severe conditions and in an explosive atmosphere. Not only, the motor should run 30 minutes continuously, but it has also to deal with high operational constraints due to the dry climate.

For such operations, Bernard Controls offers S4 service motors on explosionproof certified actuators which permit up to 360 starts per hour for On/Off applications. Bernard Controls delivered these actuation solutions successfully for the project and actuators are being operated very well at site.

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SQX quarter-turn range and STX multi-turn range.

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