EKIDEN 2017: more than 40 runners from BERNARD CONTROLS!

The new edition of the relay Marathon EKIDEN 2017 will take place in the following days, on Sunday 5th November. This years, more than forty employees from BERNARD CONTROLS will be ready on the starting line, to run under the colors of the company.

EKIDEN race is an unusual and funny way to do Marathon, coming from Japan. The distance (42,195 km) is completed by a team of six runners. Each participant runs up to a certain distance (between 5 and 10 km), giving the baton to his teammate when the distance is completed.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Invalides, along the Seine, the race takes place in some of the most beautiful places in Paris.

This year, 42 runners from the company will position themselves in the starting line, under 7 creative teams! BERNARD CONTROLS is proud to support its teams in this challenge which strongly highlight the team spirit and the values of the company. Go, teams go!

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