Bernard provides customized solutions for a Petrochemical Inspection and Modification Projects

BERNARD CONTROLS is a strong partner in the oil and gas field. Relying on its strong innovation capabilities and rich industry application experience, Bernard Controls has provided safe, reliable, and efficient technical solutions for global petrochemical companies for their inspection, renovation, and manufacturing projects. 

Bernard Controls provides electric actuators for a Petrochemical Company, which is an important petrochemical complex directly under SINOPEC Located in Beijing. This time there are more than 7,000 maintenance projects and more than 100 simultaneous renovation projects, involving upgrading and renovation, technical improvements, and hidden danger management. Based on careful investigation and evaluation of the conditions of the project, the technicians of BERNARD CONTROLS CHINA adopted explosion-proof multi-turn STX actuators. At the project site, dozens of STX actuators are widely used in key processes such as oil refining distillation, catalysis, and ethylene plants. 

Explosionproof multi-turn STX actuators are suitable for explosive the atmosphere and meet international explosion-proof standards (ATEX, INMETRO, IEC-EX, EAC-EX, NEC500…), with excellent corrosion protection and double sealing to ensure safe and reliable on-site management; INTELLI+ ® (the control type) and non-intrusive settings is convenient for users to debug and maintain the actuators, in order to provide a safe and efficient user experience.

BERNARD CONTROLS has been designing and manufacturing electric actuators and associated control systems for over 80 years. This key market position makes BERNARD CONTROLS a privileged partner for customers across a range of challenging sectors including Power, Water, Industry and Oil & Gas.  

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